The vietnam war vs iraq war

They decided to report the war deaths in iraq only if the soldier died with his boots on the ground in a combat situation what's the difference, you might ask the combat in vietnam was in rural areas, far removed from medical treatment centers. The vietnam war was an infiltration war slowly filtering into south vietnam, with no clear view of what the enemy looked like he was a viet cong by night, and joe citizen by day the. Iraq invasion of kuwait vs us iraq war iraq and kuwait have a long history kuwait played a huge part in the iran-iraq war, mostly financially open warfare began on september 22, 1980 iraq claimed iran shelled a number of border posts on september 4, 1980. Transcript of wars - vietnam war vs korean war compare and contrast unlike the vietnam war, the korean war was fought on plain, open ground where shots. Whereas in vietnam the nature of war evolved from an insurgency into a predominantly conventional confl ict, in iraq it moved exactly- -and quickly--in the opposite direction, from major conventional.

The vietnam era was marked by protests, not just about war, but also for social change vietnamese vs vietnamese a north vietnamese soldier laments how the war pitted vietnamese against each other. The war in vietnam and the war in iraq differ in many ways such as the reason for war, us support, the cost, number of deaths, and the time and place. Americans have become negative about the war in iraq more quickly than they did for the vietnam war it took more than three years before a majority of americans said it was a mistake to send troops to vietnam, a state of affairs reached within a year and three months of the inception of the iraq war. The vietnam war was the prolonged struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of vietnam under a communist government and the united states (with the aid of the south vietnamese) attempting to prevent the spread of communism engaged in a war that many viewed as having no way.

Many vietnam veterans see similarities between their war and those fought in iraq and afghanistan — and the comparison is tragic, they say. Vietnam held the media's attention a lot better because it was a war with a but after the triumphal first months, iraq became a war of insurgents vs counterinsurgents, harder to make. The iraq war and the vietnam war, in terms of military engagements, combat-style, and overall missions have nothing at all in common either than the fact that they both take p lace on the. Iraq versus vietnam: a comparison of public opinion one of gallup's key measures used to assess public support for both the vietnam war and the current war in iraq asks americans whether or not it.

The vietnam war lasted about 40 years and involved several countries learn about vietnam war protests, the tet offensive, the my lai massacre, the pentagon papers and more. Vietnam war vs iraq warwhat is different about media treatment of these 2 unpopular wars or just the way us society reacts to the actual soldiers actually fighting the war as its ongoing for example, is today's media more praiseful of the unpopular iraq war soldiers. Vietnam vs iraq cont but in the modern iraq war the soldiers would carry computer lock systems, night vision goggles, more efficient body armor, along with standard issue assault weapons soldiers today carry personal items such as cell phones, survival knives, and so on. The vietnam war was opposed mainly by the draft age part of the population the iraq war is opposed by plutocratic billionaire leftists, the leftist propaganda press, and their academic camp. Free essay: the war in vietnam and the war in iraq differ in many ways such as the reason for war, us support, the cost, number of deaths, and the time and.

Vietnam war vs iraq war uploaded by narendran sairam this is a research paper comparing the war in vietnam to the war that is currently going on in iraq and the similarities between the two. Much is being said and written these days about how the war in iraq resembles the war in vietnam the theme began during the 2004 presidential campaign wit. I have heard an increasing number of comparisons between the war in iraq and the vietnam war many people have said that the wars are very similar in several ways. The vietnam war was the longest in us history until the afghanistan war (2002-2014) the war was extremely divisive in the us, europe, australia, and elsewhere because the us failed to achieve a military victory and the republic of south vietnam was ultimately taken over by north vietnam, the vietnam experience became known as the.

  • The returning veteran of the iraq war: background issues and assessment guidelines litz & orsillo from chapter 3, iraq war clinician guide it is safe to assume that all soldiers are impacted by their experiences in war.
  • In the vietnam war we have two groups fighting each other, the s vietnam and her allies vs the n vietnam and her allies by all definition it was a war even though some people don't call it that if a person ordered a hit on another person, people would say it was the hitman vs the target but the target and the orderer know that they are.

• categorized under politics | difference between afghanistan and iraq war afghanistan vs iraq war the wars in afghanistan and iraq are the major military campaigns that the us government has been leading for the last so many years. With all the misguided attempts to compare our current struggle in iraq with america's most disastrous prior war, it's crucial for informed citizens to understand the profound contrasts and. Hickman, an army specialist from north carolina, had been in ninth grade when the iraq war started in 2003 a massive explosion ripped into hickman's truck vietnam, and iraq earlier—even. The vietnam war and the iraq war, while almost identical are vastly different in their own right in this paper, i will discuss the similarities and differences between two of our most recent wars even though there is a twenty eight year difference, there are many similarities between the wars in vietnam and iraq.

the vietnam war vs iraq war But the difference between today and even vietnam, not to mention world war ii, is stark in iraq and afghanistan, there was one death for every 378 service members who deployed in vietnam, the figure was one death for every 58 who deployed, and in both world war i and world war ii it was around one per 40.
The vietnam war vs iraq war
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